The essence Trend Edition „Wanna bee my honey” is inspired by the positive characteristics of bee’s. To support bees, all products are 100% vegan. These wonderful little bees are endangered and without them our world is unimaginable. This is why we didn’t use any honey in this trend edition and decided to go 100% vegan.

20.000 EURO for a bee’s world

Essence donates 20.000EUR to the Green Forest Fund which is used to create a 3.500 m2 bee paradise planting a diverse range of trees and plants to ensure a long-term natural habitat for wild bees. Our trend edition team already planted the first trees as you can see here.
Planting the bee’s new habitat

Inspiration for the Trend Edition

Already last year we visited a beekeeping facility and gathered many facts about bees. Did you know that there are more than 500 different types of bees?
Learning about the bee’s world
This collections is part of our new initiative essence cares, with which the brand invests in environmental causes, social projects, animal welfare and make-up with only good ingredients. Helping bees is close to our hearts because the insects are not only producing honey, but are also pollinating various trees and plants. Wild bees are endangered because they don’t find enough pollen or are meeting toxic fertilizers. This trend edition’s aim is to create attention for bees and to give back to them by donating to Green Forest Fund.